Fast & easy set up

Cycling & Running Challenges for Employees

Start a healthy & eco friendly challenge in your company. With our help and assets is easy as riding a bike!

Example of assets

  • Customizable Contest in Application

    Choose activity for your employees: cycling, running or both of them.

  • Digital Promo Materials

    Social Media posts, posters, email graphics, rollups with your logo.

  • Communication Guideline

    Email templates, push notifications, timeline.

  • Admin Platform

    Statistics, reports, rankings to check and download any time.

  • Landing Page

    Informative website with all of rules and info about your challenge.

  • Activy Gamification System

    The score system, which activates all employees' awards planning support.

  • Client Support

    Dedicated person to support before, during and after a challenge.

  • Technical Support

    Support 24h participants, technical issues.


Admin Platform

Generate, compare, view and downlaod reports on your team’s overall wellness and activity level. Any time you need!

  • Reports
  • Individual and team statistics
  • Company statistics
  • Contest details
  • User management

Individual and group rankings based on employee engagement, not only kilometers

  • Activy scoring system helps encourage not only sporty employees

    Users get points for kilometers, activities and regularity. You can select your scoring based on your requirements.

  • Individual and team groups rankings

    Is more fun in groups, employees can compete between teams, departments, offices. It helps to increase integration in your company, even during remote or hybrid work.


Start building sustainable habits at your company

Your employees take care of their own health and run a sustainable project at the same time!

  • Bike commuting reduces the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection in public transport.

  • Each ride is celebrated with CO2 saved for the planet.

  • You will get the CO2 savings report of your company.


Every activity matters

You can optionally combine wellbeing challenges with charity donations to drive your positive impact.

  • Motivate your people by charity donations based on their activities.

  • Activy app helps to track the goal and motivates players.

  • Each ride is calculated to donation with budget and goal you choose.


Tell the story of your company, get employees interested with the mission feature

Engage participants in an interesting activity! A kilometer-long mission is divided into arbitrary kilometer segments, checkpoints that you have to reach in order to discover a surprise - a message. The application sends a prepared notification - apart from congratulations it can be an interesting story, information, link. There are many possibilities, it all depends on you!

  • Get employees interested with the mission feature

  • Tell the story


The future of wellbeing and employee benefits - new order!

The results of employee needs research, interviews with 22 experts, examples of solutions in companies and many inspirations for the next months of uncertain future.


Cycling & Running Challenges will help you achieve company goals

  • Increase Employee Engagement

    The virtual challenge becomes the main topic of conversations outside of work and is a real challenge for the company.

  • Healthier Employees

    Bicycle and running are safer than being on public transport or in group sports and gyms.

  • CSR: Eco & Charity Goals

    See how DHL Express has planted one tree for every 50 kilometers of bicycle ride.

Bosch’s bikers made together over 50 000 kilometers! Everyone in the company was talking about the competition and waiting for monthly awards ceremony. We connected internal wellbeing program with an absorbing game which motivated Bosch’s employees to come to work by bike every day.


New for companies!

Mindy - Engaging Mindfulness

The application will motivate your employees to start taking care of their mental condition regularly. It will help to reduce stress and achieve full potential in life, by having fun.

Frequently asked questions

  • How to start a project in the company?
    It's very simple. Just fill in the contact form on the website or contact us directly. We will give you the details and explain the whole process or make an appointment for an additional meeting. To confirm the implementation we need an email confirmation. For lower packages we do not need to make a contract, but it is possible.
  • When can we start?
    At any time :) However, in order to provide each employer with the best service and quality, we offer companies several start dates depending on occupancy during the season, usually 2-4 weeks before the start of the employee challenge.
  • Is the app also available in English?
    All materials are available in two languages: Polish and English.What is more, the app is also available in German. In special cases of bigger programs we can include new languages.
  • Can the programme be carried out within the entire office building?
    Yeah, we run these implementations individually. We invite you to contact us, we will gladly share our experience from office complexes in Warsaw.
  • How do you help promote the project in the company?
    In the basic option of cooperation, we provide the company with: -a dedicated website of the program with all information about the competition - electronic version of posters and leaflets - patterns of e-mails to be sent to employees - graphics for social media, e-mails, internet, boards on TV. In case of very large programs we can help with printing materials, rollups, individual materials, purchase and distribution of sport gadgets and prizes.
  • How does the score in the game work and why does a triathlete have similar chances to a recreational and urban cyclist?
    We don't want the competition to be won only by avid athletes, demotivating other participants to play. That is why the mechanism of Activy's game allows us to even the odds by rewarding the very fact of healthy activities: 10 pt - each activity (above 1,5 km) 5 pt - each 1 km of activity 50 pt - each ride (or run) to or from work bonuses of as much as 50 up to 900 points for maintaining the runway (e.g. 100 points for 5 days in a row and 900 points for 21 days of daily activity)
  • How does the application give cycling/running bonuses?
    When setting up a competition for your company, we mark the location of your office in the app. The app will detect the route to or from the office by itself and calculate the bonus points.
  • How does the competition work?
    The participants receive points for the trips and runs, on the basis of which the app creates individual and group rankings. Rankings based on the number of activities, kilometres, calories or CO2 saved are also presented. The points will be zeroed and counted anew after each monthly edition. The general classification is also always visible.
  • When is it the best to start the game?
    The programs are usually carried out from March to November, although there are no obstacles for a challenge to last a whole year. In order to maintain our commitment to the game, we recommend a competition to consist of monthly or shorter stages. After completing each stage, we select the winners and start again. At the end of the challenge, we select general winners.
  • Can we introduce a team competition?
    Yes, and we strongly encourage it! We have 2 possible schemes here: predefined teams to which employees join e.g. departments ("marketing", "IT", "sales") or offices ("Cracow", "Wroclaw", "Lodz") or even "cat lovers" vs. "dog friends" 5-person teams, which the employees form themselves. These teams are automatically included in competition with other companies in the nationwide Business Active Challenge.
  • What reward mechanism works best?
    Based on 3 years of experience and over 100 companies, we will advise you on the most effective reward scheme. It is important not to limit ourselves to rewarding the best results, but to appreciate commitment. More low value prizes are always a better idea than investing in a few expensive gifts. Many competitions are also conducted without prizes.
  • Is an open competition with other companies planned?
    All 5-person teams created by your employees can automatically compete for free in the team competition of Polish companies in the Business Active Challenge. Visit to see more information.
  • Can I test the app. Is it available to the public?
    Yes, you can find it at Apple and Google stores. Remember that some of the features will not work until you set up a contest dedicated to your business. However, in order to test it, we have prepared a demo version for you. Fill in the form on the website - we will send you accesses.
  • Is the application cheatproof?
    Yes. Approximately 96% of the cheating attempts are detected by our machine learning algorithms. The remaining disputed 4% are checked manually. The application warns the participant after the cheating attempt and gives him a "second chance". Therefore, we very rarely observe unfair behavior among employees.
  • What about employees who already use their favourite sports apps?
    We understand them perfectly :) Therefore, thanks to integration with Strava, Garmin and Polar devices, all activities will be included in Activy. For Endomondo users, we also have a short tutorial on how to manually transfer routes to Activy. Unfortunately, Endomondo does not provide a secure connection option for programmers.
  • How is privacy of the users protected?
    This is very important to us. First of all, we are in line with the new regulation RODO. Together with the international legal services we have prepared a privacy policy and rules of service according to the best standards in the industry. We also do not need the company to send us a list of employees and their data. Each employee logs into the app by himself or themselve with any address (e.g. private) and enters the company's competition with a password distributed in promotional materials. The participant's routes are not visible to other people in the game. We can only compare our overall results such as number of points, activity, kcal, kilometres or CO2 saved. In addition, we do not require the participant to be visible by name, allowing them to "hide" under a nickname.
  • Can participants view their routes on the map?
    No. We care about privacy and do not allow to view other participants' routes. Additionally, in our company we have very strict rules for viewing routes only for inquiries from participants in case of technical problems.
  • Can we see the users with whom we compete and know their results?
    We see participants in rankings, we can also compare with them on basic results (points, kilometer, CO2 saved, etc.) The participant is visible in the form of his name and first letter of surname or a nickname he chooses during registration. The employer also knows the name and surname given by the employee during registration in the admin panel.
  • Does Activy offer rewards for employees?
    The question of awards is usually a matter for the employer. We have a lot of experience in this area and can advise on the remuneration mechanisms and specific awards.
  • How do we know how much CO2 the company has saved?
    In the app there is a tab where we can see all the aggregated results of your company, such as the number of participants, kilometers and saved kilograms/tonnes of CO2 calculated according to the scientific calculations. For better illustration, each trip is also compared to the daily work of the trees that are equivalent to our effort.
  • How does CSR functionality work and is it mandatory?
    The charity part is optional, but we strongly encourage companies to try this mechanism too. It involves the company establishing a budget for the support of the selected charity, which then has to be "cycled" and/or "run out" by the participants. Together we set the conversion rate, e.g. every 10 km is 2 zloty or 100 kcal is 1 zloty. After each activity, the participant learns about its value in support zlotys, which proves to be very motivating for fun and gives a lot of satisfaction. The company chooses a charity or a foundation on its own.

Have another question? Send us a message.