An inspiring charity goal motivates 50,000 kilometers.


Hochland Poland


Hochland has been present on the Polish market since the early 1990s, has contributed significantly to the development of the dairy market in Poland, created a number of new categories, developed active communication with consumers influencing changes in eating habits.

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    Kaźmierz, Węgrów


To combine charity with employee activism.



5 424



months of competition

10 000 pln

for charity


rides to work

13,6 tons

CO2 saved

54 584,3



In three months of fun, we managed to meet as many as four goals! We actively involved employees in the charity event, with an ambitious goal of 100 employees cycling 54,000 kilometers, and we donated a rehabilitation check to cyclist Robert Szurkowski. Participants were motivated to ride their bicycles every day, and after coming to work they talked about their results, compared themselves in the app and met new people. By swapping cars for bicycles, we saved 13 tons of CO2 and supported the company's strategic environmental goals.

Challenge purpose

First and foremost, we wanted to be healthier and motivate employees to work together to raise funds for the rehabilitation of Mr. Ryszard Szurkowski. In addition, our company is working on sustainable development so, we wanted to involve employees in reducing CO2 emissions. Hence the idea for a bicycle challenge that pursued both goals and was in line with our company's strategy. We knew right away that we would include employees from our two factories in the program. The challenge was to set the right goal that would motivate and integrate employees at different levels.

Before the start

The incorporation of the program happened very quickly, thanks to the materials we received from Activy. From the very beginning, we heated up the atmosphere, with a monthly article in the news portal and in the company's newspapers. But in fact, the topic was going on "corridor to corridor", employees were talking to each other, comparing their results in the application.

"While the rules were being set, our mentor from Activy calculated a goal for us to drive 50,000 kilometers. At first I thought we wouldn't meet this goal, but thanks to the commitment of the employees, after the first month it turned out that the participants were so motivated that they would calmly accomplish our mission."
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During the challenge

The game was divided into 3 stages and after each stage the winners received symbolic vouchers. But really the biggest motivator was the charitable goal set: to ride 50,000 km to support Mr. Ryszard Szurkowski - an outstanding cyclist. Each 10 km ridden equaled one zloty of support. Thanks to the fact that the goal was very ambitious, the motivation to get up in the morning and spin kilometers was even greater.


The official summary took place during the annual meetings with employees at the plant in Kazmierz and Węgrów.  The winners received statuettes, diplomas and vouchers. But the highlight was the handing over of the check to Mr. Richard, who greatly appreciated the contribution of each cyclist. The overall winner received a check for PLN 5,000, which she could donate to a non-profit organization of her choice. In the end, Ms. Dorota presented the check to the outstanding cyclist. The fun released a lot of positive emotions, willingness to talk and motivation to get up from the couch and do something good for ourselves and others.

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Krystyna LaskowskaFleet managment specialist