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Price depends on number of active users. Minimal price: 400 eur/month


Discounts to 2,50 eur per person

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Minimum 3 months

12 €

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Custom reporting stats, contest website

Promotional package customized

CSR feature - kilometers to EUR

Personalized communication

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Frequently asked question

  • How does billing and payment work?
    Activy applies monthly settlements. The first two invoices are paid in advance and then in arrears. The final cost will always be adjusted for the actual number of active users. The number of participants for the first invoice is estimated based on benchmarks from other companies or employer declarations.
  • How will I know how many people will take part in the challenge?
    It is always a result of communication, office promotion, character and culture of the company. Based on our 3 years of experience, the number of active participants can be estimated at about 25-35% of all employees for the bicycle challenge only and about 40-55% for both bicycle and running challenges. But there are employers where this rate even reached 80%. You can always specify the maximum number of participants you can pay for.
  • If an employee takes part in a cycling and running challenge, is the payment double?
    No. For one fee an employee can participate in both games - cycling and running.
  • Are other forms of settlement possible?
    For larger projects we can apply flexible solutions. We encourage you to contact us directly.
  • How to start the program and is it necessary to sign a contract?
    It's very simple. Just fill in the contact form on or contact us. After a short phone call we will send you details and explain the whole process or arrange an additional meeting. To confirm the implementation we need an e-mail confirmation. For packages lower than "custom" we usually do not make any agreements, but it is possible.
  • Can the cost be qualified as expenditure from the ZFŚS fund?

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