A virtual journey through PGE Energia Ciepła S.A. branches! Employees covered kilometers, discovered interesting facts about the company and supported a charitable cause.


PGE Energia Ciepła S.A.


Poland's largest producer of electricity and heat generated in high-efficiency cogeneration process.

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Integration of employees dispersed in several locations in Poland, promotion of active lifestyle




months of ryvalization

15 000

PLN for charity

135 770

kilometers by bike

52 775

kilometers on foot


tones of saved CO2




The most positive aspect of the "Grzejemy Kilometry" event is certainly reaching the charity goal in the amount set, which was not at all obvious. The amount we were able to raise depended on the Employees themselves, whose activity was converted into real amounts. It is an impact that everyone has noticed.

We evaluate the event very positively. The app is accessible to everyone and allows to add extra features such as checkpoints displaying dedicated stories. We appreciated the high level of customizability of the application to our needs. I recommend Activy to distributed organizations looking for ways to integrate Employees!

97.8% of the respondents would like to participate in the Activy challenge in the next year


We are a distributed organization with assets across the country. We wanted to organize an event that would allow us to integrate the crew in all our locations. It was also crucial for us to activate Employees due to the increased staying at home during the pandemic period. According to the accounts of the participants, we managed to achieve our goal, which is also an additional positive health factor. The activity of PGE Energia Ciepła is based on combining the development of the heating segment in Poland with the involvement in the life of local communities. Therefore, our event could not lack the charity goal, which was to make a donation of PLN 15,000 to a selected charity. The beneficiary was to be indicated by the winning team, which turned out to be the team from Gorzów Wielkopolski.

The satisfaction of having helped those in need. The joy of competition and mutual motivation among employees. A great initiative!


We promoted the challenge through various communication channels - including the intranet and internal newsletter, as well as "physically" in each location, through posters. Due to working in a hybrid model, integration of all employees is a great challenge which requires using the widest possible toolkit.

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Participants of the challenge joined the challenge through a code that automatically assigned them to the locations where they work. We created 15 teams representing the branches and subsidiaries of PGE Energia Ciepła. The sum of points obtained by the employees of a given location was divided by the total number of people employed there. Thanks to that we received information about the level of involvement of the branch/company in the "Grzejemy kilometry" challenge. We also gave participants the opportunity to create their own teams of 5 to strengthen the integration through smaller groups.

The added value of the challenge was a mission in the form of checkpoints, telling about the locations where PGE Energia Ciepła conducts its operations - it was a kind of virtual journey around our locations. Each Employee could learn the history of the Company's development, and by covering kilometers he or she could discover new interesting facts. Reaching all the checkpoints was not easy, because the mission was as long as 400 km, which had to be covered in 3 months.

I think that the healthy habit of spending time actively will stay with some of the Employees for a long time. Maybe not as frequent as during the challenge, but we have certainly managed to build new habits related to physical activity in some people. The beginnings are the hardest, so if the challenge contributed to the first activities, the next ones will come easier.


Employees involved in the challenge met with each other and shared their experiences. Participants told us that the challenge had motivated them to go cycling or even to take longer walks with their dogs. Team rankings were a big engagement factor, as individual activities had an impact on the division/company score. Among examples of excellent integration within the event, one can point to the example of the team representing Kielce, which boasted on the Intranet about a bicycle trip organized in order to "grzania kilometrów" together and discover interesting places in the area. At the end of the challenge, the competition between the two squads in the top positions was very close, which also influenced the motivation and commitment to the end of the event by the participants.

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Piotr KowalskiCoordinator of the PGE EC “Grzejemy kilometry” challenge