Cycling to work as fun and wellness program for employees.




British insurance and financial group with over 3 million clients in Poland.

  • Industry
    Finance, Insurance
  • Number of employees
  • Office
    Warsaw/ branches around Poland


Supporting the environment and engagement of employees



3 400



months of competition

119 000



rides to work

9,7 tons

of saved CO2

38 851,6



days on bicycle


Activy in Aviva was not only a healthy competition but first of all - a way to engage employees into activities supporting air quality, for example ‘I know what I breathe’ campaign. By choosing bikes they saved almost 10 tons of CO2! Our application turned out to be much more simple than all the systems used by Aviva before.


No doubts Aviva treats healthy lifestyle as a priority. That is why our role was to connect Activy with different initiative of the company: yearly internal program ‘GoWell’. Moreover, due to previous Aviva’s experiences with managing similar contests by different tools same time, we were challenged to replace them all with one, complex and easy to use system.

„Activy implementation reduced our workload. The application turned out to be very easy to use and the team fully took care of managing the contest and answering users questions. I liked the higher scoring system for riding a bike to work. We wanted our employees to replace cars to bicycles coming every day to the office and it totally worked!”


As Aviva’s employees know the idea of taking care of themselves pretty well, we easily encouraged them to use Activy. Posters informing about new competition were put up around the office and we took over control of the contest management. To make the users feel it’s about their wellbeing and decreasing CO2 concentration first, not competing, we adjusted the scoring system. The winners were more than just the first players in the ranking, which was highly appreciated by the participants!

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The new bike challenge got accepted very fast. Thanks to the unique scoring system, we especially rewarded rides to/from work, which fulfilled the assumptions of the competition. Thanks to this, those type of journeys could be appreciated, not just kilometers traveled. Until now, the results of advanced cyclists have made it impossible to involve people who use bicycles less frequently. With Activy, we changed it, both athletes and city bikers took part in the game. We took care of the technical support of the program, which significantly helped the people who have so far carried out such activities in the company.

„Bike used to be just a mode of transport to me – just to go to work and back as fast as possible. The challenge motivates to use a bike so much that I started choosing some ways around coming back from the office, taking additional rides on afternoons and longer ones on weekends. All just to keep scoring! Had not it been for Activy I would not have discovered new, interesting corners in my city.”


70 employees – compared to 40 in previous similar program – were commuting with Activy. Originally we had planned the implementation just for Aviva’s headquarter in Warsaw but news about a new activity were travelling fast around all polish branches. Everyone wanted to be part of the company’s bikers team so we smoothly extended the competition to other locations.Thanks to the rate of saved CO2 in our application, everyone could see his contribution in making a positive impact on the environment. Players started considering bike as a vehicle, not just a way to spend their free time on weekends. More and more of them were choosing it to get to work on daily basis.

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