From one employee’s idea to five months of true bicycle competition.




The biggest company of corporate real estate market owning 102 shopping centres in 13 countries. 7 of them are placed in Poland.

  • Industry
    Real estate
  • Number of employees
  • Office
    Warsaw and Wroclaw


Motivation to care about the environment and health



2 747



months of competition


trees working during 1 month


rides to work

549 kg

of saved CO2

17 261



days on bicycle


The bicycle competition at Unibail lasted 5 months and had started as an idea of one of employees. During that time over half rides made with Activy were the ones to the office. It was the first program like this in the company so user friendly application and our support on each stage of the project implementation turned out to be really helpful. More than half of the company's employees took part in the program, who in total rode over 17 thousand. km, thus balancing the monthly work of 6,560 trees, if they commuted to work by car.

Challenge purpose

Together with Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, we decided to implement a simple competition that would be part of the company strategy make CSR strategy more attractive and improve employees engagement. Until then internal activities had supported mainly running and volleyball teams and the main Work Greener program was co-financing tickets for public transport and introducing solutions that lower the negative impact on the environment. Actually, it was one of the employees who challenged us asking the company about some bicycle competition.

„Thank you for your help and support on each stage - it was a huge facilitation in implementing the competition. Especially due to the fact that it was the first initiative like this for our employees. We wanted a simple activity to engaged them internally. Thanks to you it happened!”

Before the start

Thanks to rollup and posters put in the office and smooth internal communication, not just advanced bikers joined the competition. We wanted everyone to have equal opportunity to win so we proposed an appropriate rewarding system for players. Unibail got access to a ready application, a dedicated website and also support with creating the competition rules and awards logistics.

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During the challenge

Together we made a five months lasting competition divided into monthly editions to reward active users and motivate everybody to participate. During all this time employees' interest was kept on really high level. We introduced a random lottery so players were getting awards independently of their position in the rank or how advanced they were in cycling.

"First of all, your application is really cool - it’s totally getting you in!”


Employees got into the program but the competition itself was not the most important. Users appreciated the benefits of daily cycling to work: their health improvement and they supported the environment. The application, its functions and easy way of using it motivated them and helped in getting into the good habit of riding a bike. Over 50% of the rides were the ones to the office and all the players want to take part in the next edition!

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