VIVO! Krosno has moved the city’s residents (literally)! Success of urban bicycle campaign organized by the shopping center


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To mobilize the local community for regular, healthy physical activity.




months of competition

5 651


81 249

kilometers covered

20 315

kg of CO2 saved




The cycling campaign organized by the VIVO! Krosno Shopping Center engaged people of all ages and sporting levels. Thanks to competitive elements and a special system of awarding points, which rewarded more than just kilometers, over 500 people cycled with us during the month!, We managed to build a positive and energetic community, connecting VIVO! customers with the brands and sports institutions present in the Center and operating in the city.


By organizing a summer cycling event, we wanted to encourage the local community to be active outdoors and motivate them to engage in healthy physical activity. Dividing the competition into two two-week editions allowed us to keep the participants' high commitment to the challenge, And we gave those who found out about our campaign a little later a chance to win as well. We wanted to show that a bike can be used not only for sports training, but it is also great as a means of transportation. Therefore, commuting to the Shopping Center was scored extra. And suddenly there was a shortage of space at the bike racks, and the residents of Krosno and the surrounding area really got screwed!


The promotion of the program was certainly helped by the systematically built identity of VIVO! Krosno Challenge and strong integration with the local community. The assumption was that no one would promote the contest better than local ambassadors, so representatives of the Krosno Cycling Association, among others, joined in publicizing the campaign. With their participation, a video promoting the contest was created, as well as a series of reports on Instagram VIVO! - over time, information began to spontaneously circulate from person to person. The invitation to participate in the competition was also aired on local radio and city news portals. Of course, in doing so, we did not forget about the promotion in the Shopping Center itself. On the passage of VIVO! it was impossible not to notice the large, colorful posters, and from the loudspeakers one could hear the spot promoting the action all the time.

When we asked the participants at the end how they learned about the action, almost everyone pointed to a different source. This was confirmation to us that such a large turnout is not a work of chance, but the result of well thought-out, extensive activities.

Watch a video promoting the challenge, prepared in cooperation with the Krosno Cycling Association:

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In addition to the satisfaction of regular exercise and the excitement of competing with others, the VIVO! Krosno Shopping Center prepared many interesting prizes for the participants of the campaign. Points earned during the challenge could be exchanged in the app for, among other things: sports nutrition products, bidons, tickets to the cinema, passes to tennis courts, passes to the gym and fitness classes, backpacks, sports watches, and even jars of honey from the shopping center's own apiary. All the prizes brought a lot of joy especially to those participants who did not manage to reach the podium. This was the effect we wanted to achieve: everyone, regardless of the sports level presented, could set their own goal,achieve it and be rewarded for it.


The competition was extremely intense and rivalry fierce., But after careful verification of all activities we were able to choose the winners. The main prizes went to the winners of each stage and the overall classification. Not only the people from the first places in the individual rankings were awarded, but also participants from places 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc. (up to 50) - in the name of the principle that the contest is first and foremost supposed to be fun! The awarded participants received Gift Cards to VIVO! Krosno Shopping Centre. Classifications were conducted in both women's and men's categories - as befits a real sports competition.

"My motivation for participating in the contest was to win a pass for fitness classes. Not for myself, but for my mother. I knew it would make her very happy!"