International challenge with employees from all over the world!




Employee challenge combining sportsmanship, environmentalism and outreach.

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    Manufacturer of specialty chemicals


To support Ukraine, motivating employees to build healthy and green habits.




months of play

9 458


76 959

km covered

58 410

km on wheels

18 548

km on legs

14 250

EUR of support for Ukraine

19,3 t

CO2 saved


The Clariant challenge was created in cooperation with Activy for the third year in a row, and it is invariably very popular! On the other hand, for the second year in a row, we managed to involve employees from not only the Polish branch, but also from all over the world in the fun. Initially, the idea for the challenge was related to achieving environmental goals. However, the political situation at the beginning of the year made us decide to support those in need in Ukraine.

Challenge purpose

The common goal united and motivated participants to action. There was no clear individual rivalry between participants - we all played to one goal! And although Poland had the largest number of participants, the rest of the world was implementing the rivalry and learning a healthy approach, which is already close to us. The division into teams was a hit, which further integrated employees.

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During the challenge

Technically, Activy fully met the needs of participants and coordinators. Employees did not report any problems to the coordinators, so it did not take extra time. Given that we live in a time when we are informed and over-informed, we didn't want to pester participants with messages and limited the number of notifications sent through the app. Contrary to appearances, this did not reduce the engagement of participants!

"From my example, I can say that I learned to use the car. I had to drive my son to the city for a half-school and there was no way I could choose to drive a car! So my son and I traveled by bicycle. I, after so many years, have changed my habits, and I hope that the rest of the Clariant world will also learn a healthy approach to life and at least swap cars for bicycles with the help of Activa."


Each activity brought us closer to reaching the set threshold, after which the company would donate support to Ukraine. The noble goal motivated the participants in itself and spurred them to action! Thirsty for integration and joint activities after a period of pandemonium, employees felt united again, and it was the charitable goal that brought them together. The plan was that the more kilometers they could cover, the more funds would be donated to Ukraine. Clariant employees therefore gave it their all. After covering 70,000 kilometers, we managed to donate the amount of 14,250 euros!

Achieving a common goal is one thing! While helping others, each of us additionally took care of ourselves and built healthy habits. We saw an absolute change in awareness among our employees. The conclusion after the challenge is clear: we like to move! We used every possible moment to take a piece of the road by bicycle or walking, rather than by car. Even after the game is over, we find time during the day to go for a walk. Healthy habits accompany us every day and are also passed on to our loved ones, such as the younger generations.

We know that we will definitely be back next year. See you there!

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Joanna PiwońskaCoordinator of the challenge