100 employees in very first Bosch’s bike team!


Robert Bosch


German company present in Poland for over 25 years, leading supplier of technology and services.

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Introducing an innovative tool for health and sport promotion among employees



4 405



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rides to work

12 tons

of saved CO2

44 735,8



days on bicycle


Bosch activates its employees in many ways within Health Academy but Activy was the first bicycle program in the company. Easy to use application, adjusted scoring and recognizing system were motivating more and more people to take part in the competition. During three months we created a bike team of over 100 players, first one in Bosch!

Challenge purpose

Bosch employees are a diverse group of different tempers and needs. Within Health Academy there had been organized initiatives mostly for runners so Activy was supposed to be a totally different program. Very important here was to come up with a system which was innovative and simple at the same time.

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„We had been looking for something new, attractive for our IT department and the young generation. Same time we had wanted to promote wellbeing within Health Academy. That is why we chose Activy and it reached the expectations.”

Before the start

There had been no cycling in Bosch before so we decided to prepare employees to this new competition. We made a little teaser first: gave a reflective band to everyone and put posters around the office. That is how we had turned up the heat even before the game started. As we allowed whole teams to participate in the action, players were encouraging their workmates to join us. Finally, we had over 100 employees taking part in the competition!

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During the challenge

To let different teams and players win, we divided the competition into stages. Each of them was full of emotions but the true fighting spirit came at the end - bikers were racing until the last second! Keeping the balance, we created a scoring system which included not only users from top of the ranking but also those ones on 10., 20., 30. positions.

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„At the beginning I had set up a goal of 3 500 km. Then I started racing with my workmate and the willing to win became so strong, I ended up with almost 5 000 km! :)”


Bosch’s bikers made together over 50 000 kilometers! The winner achieved the goal he set up at the beginning - 5 000 kilometers. Everyone in the company was talking about the competition and waiting for monthly awards ceremony. We connected internal wellbeing program with an absorbing game which motivated Bosch’s employees to come to work by bike every day.

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