Charity and sports celebration of IBA Poland's 30th birthday!


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IBA Poland provides IT services, particularly in the area of data engineering such as data integration, Data Lake development and system migrations to the cloud. It deals with the implementation and modification of IBM and SAP applications and systems.

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Integrate and activate employees through sports competition and support a charitable cause.



5 000

pln for charity


km on wheels


km on foot

22 326

minutes of excercise

16 M





Organized for the first time, the "Move for Health" sports challenge was a great way to activate employees and celebrate the company's 30th birthday. Our common goal was to raise 5,000 PLN for the Animal Shelter in Wroclaw - and thanks to the commitment of more than 80 employees, we were able to achieve this it!

Challenge purpose

In our company, many people work remotely - so we were looking for a way to integrate the team and take care of their health and well-being, by motivating them to be more active in sports.  A year ago we organized a competition using the Strava app, but this year we were looking for a more comprehensive solution that would involve more people.

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During the challenge

IBA Poland's month-long Activy Sports Challenge was an exciting adventure with more than 80 participants. During this time, we collectively covered a total of 12,000 kilometers on foot and by bicycle, thanks to which we raised PLN 5,000 for the animal shelter in Wroclaw. This challenge not only motivated our employees to lead healthier lifestyles, such as swapping their cars for bicycles and active breaks in the form of walks, but also strengthened the bonds between us, even with employees working remotely. A huge help in mutual motivation was the newsfeed in the app, which allowed participants to post their activities, as well as like and comment on the activities of others. It is important to note that both avid athletes and people who have just started to take active care of their health participated in the challenge. For many employees, the challenge was a great way to prepare for a "Bieg Firmowy".

"Earning points and competing with others in the challenge motivated me to start moving more often - and not just me! I saw co-workers using their breaks to take a short walk to earn extra points. Certainly, a great addition was the newsfeed, which allowed challenge participants to like and comment on each other's activities."