How to encourage employees to physical activity and to engage in real help for those in need.


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Allianz Poland is one of the fastest growing groups in the insurance and finance sector. Provides comprehensive services to nearly 1.4 million individual and corporate clients.

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To organize the CSR initiative and increase the involvement of employees



5 284



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5 000

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2 261

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12 tons

of saved CO2

47 977



days on bicycle


Together with Allianz Poland, we created Bike to Work Challange, which aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle among company employees across the country, product promotion and support for CSR activities. Commitment to the campaign exceeded our expectations - within just one month, the competition was joined by as many as 186 competitors who traveled nearly 48,000 kilometers!

Challenge purpose

Allianz Poland joins the Global Running Challenge every year, which is aimed mainly at more advanced athletes. Poland has been actively participating in it for several years. Other CSR initiatives undertaken by the company weren’t directly connected with physical activity. So we stood before the task of creating a competition, available to nearly 2,000 people. We also wanted Allianz employees to switch to bikes, contributing to the protection of the environment and support donations to the SOS Children's Villages Association.

„Allianz has been involved in social activities for years, organizing or participating in various CSR initiatives. In 2018, our attention was drawn by the growing number of employees commuting to work by bicycle. That's why together with Activy we organized a nationwide challenge that combined the promotion of a healthy lifestyle with concern for the environment - all for a charity goal. What distinguished the Activy team is a real commitment to help our participants.”

Before the start

We started the program with a mobile bike service - after all, every decent bike needs a refreshment after winter. It was not only an opportunity to get rid of excuses about inefficient vehicles, but also to promote the new Allianz insurance. We focused on including employees at every level in the competition. We focused on providing them with gadgets, e-mail communication, weekly reports, stock summaries in the internal monthly and intranet. Thanks to the renovation in the company, we managed to develop appropriate facilities for competitors - showers and car parks.

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During the challenge

The combination of a simple activity that is cycling with real help to those in need turned out to be an ideal solution for Allianz employees. In addition to the charity goal, cyclists and cyclists competed in various categories. This way, we distinguished not only the winners of the ranking of kilometers traveled. Prizes were also received by those who reached the furthest point in a single pass, used a bicycle every day, and even early bird rides at dawn :)

„A great idea for activation that supports the environment. Competition and the ranking encourages us to work together on a common thing, and helps us get to know each other.”


The bicycle program Bike to Work Challenge involved Allianz employees and associates throughout the country and allowed to achieve a noble charity goal. Over a month, nearly 200 employees have ridden nearly 48,000 kilometers! The action was very engaging, what's more, almost everyone agreed that they want to take part in the next edition.

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