The most beautiful bike routes in Poland


Poland has many interesting and scenic roads for cycling enthusiasts. Stunning routes by the Baltic Sea, quiet trails surrounded by forests or mountain crossings on two wheels - there is something for everyone.

We have an interesting and inspiring list of the most beautiful Polish bicycle routes for you . Two-wheeled enthusiasts, old-timers and those who are just beginning their cycling adventures will find among them suitable routes for both weekend trips and longer excursions.

1. Route around the Tatras

One of the most picturesque bicycle routes in Poland. Route around the Tatra Mountains is a total of more than 250 km of routes on the Polish and Slovak side of the mountains. The route is rich in interesting historical, cultural and, of course, natural objects. The route gives the opportunity to go around the mountain range in a circle, leading through Podhale, Orava, Liptov and Spisz.

Although winding through the Tatras sounds like a challenge, the "Main Route" section of the trail is really flat, as it runs along a former railroad embankment. The Podhale section of the "Main Route" of the Trail Around the Tatras, which starts in Nowy Targ and ends in Sucha Gora, is well worth taking. This is the perfect trail for any mountain lover!

  • Beginning of the route: Nowy Targ
  • End of the trail: Chochołów-Sucha
  • Distance: 21 km
  • Difficulty of the route: easy / intermediate
  • Attractions: view of the Tatra Mountains - and what a view it is!, route along the former narrow-gauge railroad, Kombinacki Forest, Orawsko-Nowotarskie Marshes.
  • Trail website:

2. Trail of the Eagles' Nests

Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska, through which the Trail of the Eagles' Nests runs, is one of the most beautiful regions of Poland. The entire route leads from Częstochowa to Kraków and is about 190 km long. The route runs through a land of rocky hills, forested hills, full of caves, limestone monadnocks and ravines. This is a unique route in terms of sightseeing, nature and history, which is definitely worth exploring. 

  • Start of the route: Częstochowa
  • End of the route: Kraków
  • Distance: 190 km
  • Difficulty of the route: intermediate
  • Attractions: castles and castle ruins, limestone rocks, Zloty Potok, Ogrodzieniec, Wiercica Valley, Eliaszówka Valley.
  • Trail website:

3. Vistula Bike Route

The Vistula Bicycle Route is a nationwide project that is to lead from the source of the Vistula River to the Baltic Sea. Ultimately, it is to be the longest bicycle route in Poland! Its total length is to be about 1,200 km. However, at the moment there are two sections of this route completed in Poland on the territory of three provinces: Silesia, Lesser Poland and Kujawy-Pomerania.

It is worth taking the section that begins in Oświęcim and ends in Krakow. It runs through the most attractive and picturesque places of the Vistula River valley and its tributaries in Malopolska province.

  • Beginning of the route: Oświęcim
  • End of the trail: Kraków
  • Distance: 90 km
  • Level of difficulty of the route: easy / intermediate
  • Attractions: Oświęcim, floodplains and old riverbeds of the Vistula River, Ziajki sinkhole ponds, Benedictine Monastery in Tyniec, Zakrzówek and Twardowski Rocks
  • Trail website:

4. Green Velo

The Green Velo bicycle route does not need to be introduced to bicycle maniacs. After all, it is the longest and most famous bicycle route in Poland, with a total of 1,886 kilometers. The Eastern Green Velo Bicycle Route leads through 5 national parks and 16 landscape parks, providing a real treat for nature lovers. The route is characterized by unique scenic qualities and the presence of cultural monuments of the borderland. The routes are well-prepared, led both on asphalt, gravel and forest roads.

A bicycle trip along the Green Velo trail does not require great physical condition and is a good idea for people who are beginning their adventure with bicycle travel and want to combine it with sightseeing of various objects along the route. Surely everyone will discover something for themselves in this bicycle journey.

The Green Velo trail is divided into stages:

  • Warmia and Mazury(397 km)
  • Podlasie (517 km)
  • Lublin region (360 km)
  • Subcarpathia and Swietokrzyskie Land (434 km)

More information about this project can be found on the official website of the Green Velo Route:

5. Along the Baltic Sea / EV10

It is a unique route that follows the European cycling route EV10, circles the Baltic Sea and totals more than 8,000 km. The Polish part of the route is about 600 km long and begins on the island of Wolin and ends in Braniewo. The picturesque route runs along the coastline of the Baltic Sea and the Vistula Lagoon providing extraordinary views. On the route you pass many natural and tourist attractions, and you can visit cities such as Gdansk and Kolobrzeg. A must-see for all lovers of sea breeze and lighthouses!

  • Start of the route: Swinoujscie
  • End of the route: Braniewo
  • Distance: 590 km
  • Degree of difficulty of the route: easy / intermediate
  • Attractions: Wolin National Park, lighthouses, Castle of Pomeranian Dukes in Darlowo, Slowinski National Park, Elblag Bay Nature Reserve.
  • Trail website:

6. Kashubian Marszruta

Kaszubska Marszruta is a remarkable project that includes four bicycle routes, leading through Zaborski Landscape Park and the buffer zone of Bory Tucholskie National Park.

The Kashubian Marszruta trails run through stunning areas of Kashubia. Along the route we will see pine forests, picturesque lakes and rivers. We can also admire evidence of unique Kashubian folklore.

The route is divided into four trails:

  • Red Route:
    Beginning of the route: Charzykowy
    End of the trail: Czersk
    Distance: 59 km
    Degree of difficulty of the route: easy / intermediate
  • Yellow trail:
    Beginning of the route: Charzykowy
    End of the trail: Czersk
    Distance: 66 km
    Difficulty level of the route: intermediate
  • Green trail:
    Beginning of the route: Chojnice
    End of the trail: Męcikał
    Distance: 42 km
    Difficulty level of the route: easy / intermediate
  • Black trail (Konarzyny Loop):
    Beginning of the route: Konarzyny
    End of the trail: Konarzyny
    Distance: 33 km
    Difficulty level of the route: intermediate

7. Velo Czorsztyn

The Velo Czorsztyn cycling path around Lake Czorsztyńskie has recently broken records in popularity. It is eagerly chosen by both families with children and avid cyclists. The Velo Czorsztyn bike trail has two variants.

The first is a longer loop, which is 38.5 km long and is definitely a route for ambitious cyclists, who are not afraid of hills.

The second variant is gentler, the route is 27.5 km long and runs mostly on a path around the lake. However, in this case you have to use the ferry between the castle in Niedzica and the castle in Czorsztyn. An additional attraction!

  • Start of the trail: Niedzica
  • End of the route: Czorsztyn / Niedzica
  • Distance: 27.5 km / 38.5 km
  • Level of difficulty of the route: easy / intermediate
  • Attractions: Niedzica Castle, Czorsztyn Lake, open-air museum Czorsztyn Settlement in Kluszkowce, Czorsztyn Castle.

There is plenty of beautiful places in Poland and they are just waiting to be discovered from the perspective of two wheels! Maybe this article will inspire you to go on a small or bigger trip? Try your hand at bicycle tourism. Have a nice trip and see you on the trail!


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