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Beyond personal fitness - harnessing athleticism for charitable causes


In an era where technology often fuels individualism, the convergence of sports and charitable causes offers a heartening reminder of the power of collective action. The innovative world of Activy promotes physical fitness but also channels its users' efforts into supporting charitable causes, breathing new life into the traditional act of giving.

In 2022, a staggering 52% of our sports challenges benefited from the opportunity to achieve a charitable goal in the app. Although this is an optional feature, we always strongly recommend it. Not only for its positive and beautiful impact on society, but also because it's one of the elements that strongly motivates participants during the challenge.

A New Dawn of Purposeful Sports

In a world where athletics and philanthropy may seem like parallel pursuits, a captivating evolution is underway - a convergence that combines the joy of sport with the altruistic drive to make a difference. This fusion transcends conventional boundaries, offering a fresh perspective on how individual physical pursuits can be harnessed for the common good. 

As we explore this world where intentions come together, we look into the powerful intersection of sport and charitable causes. Beyond the surface, this combination of passion and purpose is changing how people give to others. It makes us think about how our efforts can make good things happen for communities and important reasons all over the world.

Activy: Where Sport Meets Charity

At the forefront of this evolution stands Activy, a platform that transcends traditional charity models by engaging users in charitable actions through sports challenges. The app acts as a bridge, connecting individuals' passion for physical activity with their desire to help others. With each mile run, each kilometer cycled, and each lap swam, users earn not just personal achievements, but also make meaningful changes to society.

The "Charity Goal": A Powerful Motivator

While fitness goals motivate individuals to push their limits, a charity goal adds a layer of significance by aligning those efforts with a greater purpose.

In a 2022 survey that was filled by over 2,000 of our users, we asked about their level of motivation derived from the charitable goal in the challenge. As many as nearly 70% of respondents indicated, that being aware of the impact of the sports activities they record in the app, influenced their motivation to exercise on a daily basis!

From Sweat to Support: The Mechanics

Activy operates on a simple yet ingenious premise: every sports action matters, not only for the athlete but also for the chosen charitable cause. As users participate in physical activities, their efforts are translated into monetary donations. Each step they take, each mile they cover, becomes a meaningful contribution that can also be visible for them in the app through the progress bar.

Diversity of Charitable Initiatives

Within the app, companies usually decide whether they will support a predefined charitable cause or if they want their employees to define it. What’s more, the spectrum of supported causes is as diverse as the individuals who use the app. From education to healthcare, from environmental conservation to social initiatives, and many more. 

Switching on Activy: step by step

At the beginning, the company sets a budget to support the chosen organization. The most important thing is the willingness to help, therefore the budget does not have to be huge, as some of the companies donate 1000 or 2000 euros. The second step is to jointly agree on a conversion rate of given currency per kilometer, numbers of activities or points scored by participants. It is chosen in a way that is both ambitious and achievable. Once these arrangements have been made, there is nothing left to do but get on the road! 

"I loved the feeling that a sport that I do purely for myself, has contributed to something good for other people." - said one of last year's participants.

Real Stories of Impact

The impact of our clients' engagement with diverse charitable initiatives through their sports challenges within the app is profound. Their efforts have touched upon ecological preservation, social empowerment, and various other pressing causes. 

There are many examples of exceptional efforts of our clients! In July 2023, one of them achieved its environmental goal twice! The participants were so motivated and committed to the challenge that during its course, they reached the first goal and then repeated it three weeks later. The goal was to gain a certain amount of points, which symbolized 100 trees that would be planted. Therefore, thanks to the efforts of the participants, our planet has been enriched by another 200 trees!

Another example can be a charity goal combined with a beautiful act of help. One of our client’s decided to set a charity goal that was dedicated to raising money to buy bicycles for children from an orphanage. In addition to individual competition, participants also played in teams. It was not only the team competition that motivated them to move every day. It was also the fact that if they won, they would be able to choose an orphanage and personally hand over the bikes to the children.

Actively and environmentally friendly

Activy does not just focus on help measured in money per kilometer. Each ride is also a helpful spoke for environmental protection. By choosing to cycle, employees give up the car or public transport, which are sources of pollution. The app therefore counts the kilos of CO2 saved. This pictorial message gives the employee a clear indication of how much CO2 they have saved through their activities. In addition, it motivates them to switch to the bicycle as a permanent means of transport.

Want to organize an active challenge in your company? Contact us, together we will create an interesting and engaging game supporting charity! So what, ready to start?

corporate sport

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