A challenge that surprised with the commitment and motivation of the participants, who actively united for a noble cause!




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To bring together employees from various parts of Poland, encourage healthy habits and exercise, and support charity.


active participants


months of play



25 163

km on wheels

19 954

km on legs

10 000

pln for charity

11 289

kg of CO2 saved


Every year at Unum, we try to organize initiatives to take care of health. Spring is a time to activate people, direct their attention to a particular area of health and educate them about it. This year was truly remarkable.  We focused on both the prevention of eye diseases and the promotion of a healthy daily dose of exercise, all while making a meaningful impact by supporting the young patients of the Gaius Foundation. Activy proved to be an important part of the implementation of this year's strategy!

Challenge purpose

From the very beginning of the challenge, our employees showed great commitment. The warm-up before the start further whetted the appetite for the start of the actual competition, employees couldn't wait for it!

For 60 days, we had a blast both individually and as a team. The team competition was particularly motivating, and it really got everyone moving. We could hear the participants talking about the rankings, saying things like "Look, that department is in first place now, but we can still catch up!" And one of the best things about the challenge was that it brought people together from all over, like Warsaw and Szczecin, who were able to run together despite being miles apart. That was exactly what we were aiming for- bringing employees together and uniting them around a common goal.

Before the start

From the very beginning, we put a lot of effort into promoting the challenge. We sent out reminders, encouraged people to sign up for activities, and gradually fueled excitement! From time to time, we shared results and achievements from the challenge in a special Friday newsletter. And for those who prefer visuals to text, we prepared graphic summaries to make it more engaging. All this helped to keep the interest growing and the participation rate high, and we ended up with an impressive 80% participation rate. This was a huge success!


The commitment of the participants was especially evident on the weekends. Their efforts helped us achieve our goal of raising 5,000 PLN for the Gaius Foundation. Supporting those in need,particularly children, is very important to our company. Our employees have only confirmed this. Thanks to their activities and the subsequent kilometers covered, we were able to reach the fundraising goal within the first two weeks of the challenge! We were so inspired by their efforts that we decided to double the original goal and donate a total of 10,000 PLN to the Gaius Foundation.

The challenge allowed our employees to develop the habit of daily exercise. They remained committed to the game even during their vacations, and really got into the spirit of things, finding creative ways to stay active, like getting off the streetcar a stop earlier, parking their cars a bit farther away, or swapping public transportation for a bicycle. Spring time further encouraged this.

The Activy challenge was a resounding success, meeting all of our expectations and truly benefiting our employees. Participants have already expresed their desire to compete again, and we couldn't agree more. We're already planning future editions and looking forward to continued success.