A cycling culture built across 3 years, now enriched with an efficient tool to manage a cycling program.




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Building a cycling culture and integrating employees



9 770



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6 928



rides to work

14 tons

of saved CO2

55 427



days on bicycle


We have been organizing the Bike2Work Challenge for a few years now, but this year's edition has definitely been the most smooth. Thanks to the Activy application, participants had access to the results on an ongoing basis, and we were able to heat the competition by announcing the results to the whole office. We are delighted that more than half of the employees took part in the challenge. It's also worth mentioning that throughout the entire competition, it was the number one topic on everyone's mouth at Tooploox.

Challenge purpose

Tooploox is full of two-wheel enthusiasts, and we have been organizing the Bike2Work Challenge for 3 years now. So far, our biggest challenge has been efficient competition management, fair remuneration, and effortless organization. Previously, we tried the Endomondo app, but it was very cumbersome and time-consuming. While we were looking for the right tool, a different tech company told us about Activy.

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"The Activy app was a huge convenience for us. I am very pleased as thanks to it, the whole communication related to the competition has improved significantly. The possibility to check the results in the application and on the platform was a great advantage."

Before the start

As our employees are no strangers to the Bike2Work Challenge, they were looking forward to hearing about the next edition. We had no problem encouraging them to join the program. Clearly described rules available on the dedicated website and in the application helped them to understand the game. After each edition, we prepared prizes for the teams in the form of vouchers for Decathlon, Empik, and the cinema. The participants appreciated this form of remuneration because they could decide for themselves, what the received coupon would be used for. We also provided custom prizes for all participants without exception, and in cooperation with the Wroclaw-based PANATO manufactory, we gave the cyclists practical rucksacks - perfect for cycling.

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During the challenge

We are continually expanding our team, so a lot of new employees have joined the game. Before the very start, we divided the employees into 8 teams. We appointed captains, which allowed us to communicate efficiently with all players. Each team had its name and logo, and its leader motivated others to make daily bicycle rides. The division into teams helped the new employees integrate with the others, and the challenge was often the most popular topic in the kitchen. In addition, even when a new entrant was already joining during the competition, Activy made it easy for them to understand the rules and for us to add them to the team.

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"I choose a bike because then I don't have to spend extra time in the gym. For me it is both a sport and a way to commute. I have always liked to ride a bike, but I had a long break. Three years ago the teaser came back, I hopped on my bike again and I'm currently doing 18.5 km to work. I like to go to new places, see something, discover something. I persuaded my family and we ride together!"


At a certain point, 55% of employees took part in the game! This is a result that we can be proud of :) We competed mainly between teams. Still, many individual players also saw each other as direct rivals with whom they compared their results in the application every day. In the challenge, participants appreciated the efficient query handling and simplicity of the application. We were wondering whether to repeat the challenge in winter, but after six months of intense pedaling, we needed a break. However, we will definitely get back on our bicycles in spring :)