European Sustainable Development Week - virtual competition all over Poland


The European Commission in Poland


The Active EU Campaign - Live actively and save CO2 is an initiative within the European Sustainable Development Week.

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    The European Commission in Poland
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Motivate as many people as possible to choose ecological means of transport



14 808





tons saved CO2

146 288

km on two wheels

16 128

km on feet


Every year at the end of the summer, the European Commission organizes a campaign to convince Europeans about green forms of transport. All with our health and the environment in mind. The campaign encourages actions that can have an immediate impact and contribute to tackling air pollution, carbon emissions or congestion. Due to the difficulties related to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year the European Commission has opted for flexibility in the participation of cities. And it decided to organize the challenge in the Activy application, focusing on virtual competition.


The biggest challenge was the short time of promotion of the action. We had less than a few days to encourage as many people as possible. The action lasted only a week, that's why most of the players joined at the very beginning and for 7 days, they were doing activities every day.  Eventually, over 2100 people joined the competition. Usually such actions last longer, then the participants have more time to take appropriate positions in the rankings. Here the time and rewards definitely worked, many people except for the first hundred performed activities daily.

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The participants competed in two categories: on feet, i.e. running, walking, nordic walking and on two wheels, i.e. cycling, scooters, skateboarding. The main motivation were attractive prizes funded by the European Commission in Poland. The fight for the main places lasted until the last seconds. Extensive rankings in the application allowed to compete in different categories, including gender and type of activity.


The week-long action motivated whole families to choose ecological means of transport. Instead of a car, a bicycle, a scooter or a walk was chosen. In a week, they managed to save 40 613 kg of CO2, covering almost 163 000 km. The winners received city bikes and scooters, and the first 100 people received ecological gadgets. The campaign's final was on 22 September, World Car Free Day. This year's leitmotif of ETZT is "Zero Emissions Mobility for Everyone". The campaign encourages actions that can bring immediate results and contribute to solving the problem of air pollution, carbon dioxide emissions or congestion. The Active EU Campaign has become a permanent theme: Live actively and save CO2!

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