Cycling and running charity event that integrated office and field employees [together for 3 years, 2021].


DPD Poland


The second largest international courier network. The company delivers about 5.3 million packages worldwide every day.

  • Sector
    TFL: transport, forwarding, logistics
  • Office
    Units in 52 branches across Poland


Active integration of office and field employees




months os challenge

6 965

PLN for charity

130 662

km on bike

27 919

km on foot

16 215




39 649

kg of saved CO2


This year’s competition was a very successful edition. In terms of cooperation with Activy, by far the best. This applies to both the communication and cooperation itself, as well as the functioning of the application. Over these few years we have mastered a lot of things and we are quite independent, but despite this we still had some ambiguities. Every step of the way, the Activy team supported us and answered any questions, responding quickly and efficiently. The Pozytywnie Zakręceni competition has been with us for 3 years and has become a regular part of our activities. We believe that in the years to come we will be able to take on another challenge again.

Challenge purpose

The main goal of the challenge was to integrate and engage employees holding different positions. We decided to go with the contest beyond the headquarters, which had already happened in the challenge last year, and to reach everyone: office workers, warehouse workers, couriers. Due to the pandemic, some employees switched to remote work mode, so we waived bonus points for bicycle commuting to work. This gave everyone an equal chance to win. Despite the changed scoring, the contest still gave participants motivation to get out of the house and be active. Such mobilization was especially needed when working remotely.

Before the start

Promoting our challenge on such a scale was not easy, so full-speed activities were carried out both virtually and in offices and warehouses. A large part of the promotion was taken up by employees, who themselves passed information about the competition to each other, gathering groups of 5 people to compete as a team. This strong need to be together, integrate and motivate each other for daily activities surprised even the coordinators. Spontaneously, the best teams received awards in the form of cartons of protein bars!

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During the challenge

As always, an important factor in sustaining engagement was the opportunity to compete and compare rankings, but in the DPD contest, the £5,000 charity goal was particularly important. Through the challenge, everyone was able to add something from themselves: "when I run or ride a bike, I can help someone too!". We collected zloty to zloty! The goal was close to everyone's heart, as the amount raised went to the DPD Foundation account, which supports courier families in difficult life situations. Thanks to the commitment of the employees, we reached the goal after 2 months, so we decided to donate as much money as the employees are able to raise. In the end, together we raised as much as 6,965 PLN.


The competition ended with a sense of satisfaction and pride in the achieved results, not only among the runners-up. Thanks to the distribution of prizes among the top 100 participants, everyone had a chance to win a prize. Some wrote to us that they were immensely happy because it was the first time in their lives that they managed to win something! This was very encouraging. We were not interested in promoting fierce competition for prizes, but the idea of fun and integration, combined with the opportunity to do something good for others. Together for these 3 months we have almost circled the Earth four times, which was very impressive!

Participating in the challenge gives incredible satisfaction because of the donation to a worthy cause. On top of that, I am feeling much better physically and also mentally, because I became part of a group that wants to do something good for themselves, for others and for the environment.

What coordinator liked Activy for

  • One team, which was quite hard to manage on a daily basis because it was made up of people with very different seniority, got so into the challenge that when their manager went on vacation, they would write to him: "Don't you forget to ride your bike there!".