Sustainable development, active employees and £35,000 for charity! Learn about the challenge in the construction industry.




190 employees in the construction industry nationwide

  • Branch
  • Departments
    throughout Poland


To combine sustainable development activities with sports activities




months of competition

35 000

pln for charity

22 736,6

kilometers by bike

14 241,1

kilometers of running/walking

9 245,4

kg of CO2 saved




In accordance with CFE's slogan "Together we go green," we combined sustainability-oriented activities with sports activities in the Activy app. The aim of the campaign was to activate employees, involving them in a common goal. Another important element of the challenge was our charity section, which participants powered with covered kilometers. The winners could choose which charity purpose the money would be donated to. This was certainly an additional motivation for the challenge.

Before the start

We created a separate internal communication channel for CFE employees, where all information about the challenge appeared. This allowed employees to integrate together despite the fact that on a daily basis they work in different locations. There was also an additional photo contest - participants posted photos of their activities and won prizes. This strengthened the sense of integration and being together despite the distance.

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During the challenge

CFE employees competed in the challenge in teams created for each company location. Teams strongly integrated the participants. The competition was divided into two-week editions, with prizes to be won after each one. The shorter editions turned out to be a great idea; they were a greater mobilization of activity for employees, who constantly tracked the results and estimated whether they had a chance to win. 

The points for a streak also worked well, allowing employees at different levels of athleticism to compete against each other.


Everyone found something for themselves in the challenge. Some wanted to get back in shape after illness, others to improve their fitness. For those who were active on a daily basis, the points and the competition were motivation to be even more active. There were also employees whose challenge mobilized them to get up off the couch.  

The "CFE Active Challenge" went very successfully, and the charity goal of 35,000 PLN was raised thanks to the tremendous commitment of all employees!