Meet the ALL4Kids Charity Race - a campaign that once again mobilizes hundreds of people to support a charitable cause, thanks to the kilometers covered. Participants in the week-long, inter-company race recall: "my legs hurt, but I keep going"!

The organization of the ALL4Kids Charity Race is, first of all, a huge logistical challenge, but also an incredible satisfaction, which we experience more and more strongly with each day of the race. We see the enthusiasm, commitment and joy of the race participants, thanks to which the children will get the support they need and a better start in their adult lives.


Business is becoming increasingly aware of its role and social responsibility, and  the ALL4Kids campaign is a relfection of this. The campaign's primary objective is to support a charitable cause, and the amount of funds raised is determined by the number of kilometers covered by participants. However, the organizers view the "charity goal" more holistically. It is not just about providing financial support, but also rising public awareness and sensitivity, and working together to improve the lives of future generations. 

In 2022, the beneficiary of the campaign was Joanna Radziwill's "Caring Wings" Foundation. In an earlier edition, the Happy Kids Foundation received funds.

Challenge purpose

Initially, the initiative was focused exclusively on cycling, but over time, the options to participate by walking and running were added, greatly increasing the reach of the race by 32%. . The intense week-long form of the race makes it a truly immersive experience, as participants and teams compete to achieve higher and higher rankings. 

For the organizers of the ALL4Kids Charity Race, it starts a few months earlier, with the development of the campaign concept and outreach to the chosen foundation.  After that, there is regular communication with participants to ensure that everyone has all the necessary information and answers to any questions they may have. This ongoing contact is especially crucial in the days leading up to the start of the race. It's important to maintain engagement and conduct regular communication through various channels, as the race only lasts a week, and there is no room for delay.

The end of the campaign is an emotional high point, with the rankings being closely watched as participants and teams compete for top spots. The frequent changes in the leaderboard add to the excitement and keep the competition fierce.

The ALL4Kids Charity Race is a demanding project, it involves intensive and multi-tasking so that participants from dozens of companies can focus on covering kilometers without interruption. There may be difficult moments, but ultimately, it is the foundations that truly deserve our gratitude and appreciation for the tireless work they do in support of children's causes every day.


The ALL4Kids race continues to attract more and more dedicated participants each year, with corporate teams competing fiercely for a week to earn a spot on the podium and the title of winner. "This intense, week-long format is the perfect way to keep participants highly motivated and fully engaged, pushing them to cover more kilometers and strive for a higher ranking" - says Monika Kupiec, one of the organizers of the initiative. Thanks to the efforts of the participants in 2022, a total of PLN 137,150 was donated to the Joanna Radziwill Care Wings Foundation.

The wards prepared a beautiful thank-you note for the participants, as a way to show their appreciation for the support! Watch the video: