Is there anything to be afraid about Winter Bike to Work Day?

Winter Bike To Work Day

Do you know what cycling has in common with love? There’s actually something that connects these two things. Have you heard about the International Winter Bike to Work Day? It is an initiative that aims to promote cycling and encourage cyclists to get out on their bikes even during winter. In 2020 International Winter Bike to Work Day takes place on February 14th. For sure not a coincidence that it happens on the same day as Valentine’s. It’s a perfect day for taking your lover for a ride.  Every cyclist has their beloved bike to spend the Valentine’s Day with :) 

Many of us may feel discouraged or even afraid to cycle during winter, mainly because of the cold weather. But there’s actually not much to worry about! Preparing for a winter ride is not that hard, you will need some basic equipment and just some motivation to get out with your bike. As we can observe on the leaderboard of Winter Bike to Work Day, this event is very popular among one of the coldest countries like Canada, Sweden or Finland. It shows that there’s nothing to be afraid about cycling in winter, even despite the snow and cold weather.  Later on, we will show you the list of the equipment you need to prepare for a winter bike ride.

Cycling Winter

Don’t worry about your health!

People often say that cycling in winter will make them get sick and catch the flu, but actually it’s quite the opposite. Cycling during winter can strengthen your immune system and make you more resistant to diseases. But this is not the only advantage, because while cycling you can easily avoid contact with germs causing infections from people in public transport that already have a cold. 

Benefits of cycling in the cold

When it comes to avoiding things, another great advantage is that you can avoid all the traffic jams in the town and get home faster than by car or public transport. If it’s not enough, just think about all the benefits of cycling: improved muscle tone, increased weight loss, stronger cardiovascular health, but also a wide range of psychological benefits. As your body takes more effort to stay warm, you not only burn more calories, but your body also learns to use oxygen much more efficiently, according to research from Northern Arizona University.

Do I need a winter bike?

Another great excuse is not having a proper winter bike. But we have a solution to this problem: just lower the tire pressure for more stability on the snow. Another good tip for preparing your bike is to attach the fenders to your bike. They will protect you from getting splashed.

Winter Bike

Winter cycling outfit

When it comes to the preparation for the winter bike ride, there are some crucial things you shouldn’t forget about. The first thing is the appropriate clothing: prepare some layers to wear in order to protect yourself from wind, but remember not to overdress! You should even feel a little bit cold while starting a ride because you will warm up on the way. Also, don’t forget about proper gloves, a hat and some good winter boots along with warm socks. Here’s a list of best winter cycling gear recommendations from Last but not least, equip yourself with a bike light and some reflective accessories. The visibility is usually worse during winter and the sun sets much earlier.

With those basic tips, you are ready to take your first winter bike ride! But if you still hesitating and need some motivation, maybe you should find encouragement among your friends or colleagues? The Activy app is a great way to challenge yourself and find the motivation to cycle regularly!


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