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How to organize sports challenges in an international company?


Are you looking for an opportunity to organize an international sports challenge? Or maybe you have employees who speak Czech, French, German, English or Polish? In this article, you’ll see how you can support your employees in taking care of their health. 

With Activy app, you will help them to be active and integrate them at the same time. You can take into account language barriers and involve employees from different countries! Did you know that you can set a sports game in our application in 6 different languages? Check out our solution!

Activy - an active game for your team

Activy is not just another sports app. Activy is a motivating social game with which you will organize an exciting sports challenge for your company. Thanks to the special mechanisms of the game, you are able to engage everyone, regardless of the training advancement level! Scoring is adjusted so that everyone has a chance to win. You don't have to focus on the kilometers and break down when you see sports freaks who do more than you do all week over the weekend. You can beat them with regularity points that we promote!

In the Activy app you can record your GPS routes from cycling, walking or running. You can also connect Activy to your Strava account or Garmin and Polar devices. The activities are listed in the ranking of the challenge you sign up for. You can compare yourself with others in individual and team rankings. You can choose from filters for general points, distance, number of activities, regularity points, calories, CO2 saved. Moreover, you can add a charity in the corporate challenge!

Well-structured scoring, the ability to achieve individual goals or to compete in a team and a charity goal are the elements that make playing Activy challenges really absorbing / motivating. 

Sports app in multiple languages

In Activy, challenges are organized mainly by companies. Regardless of whether you are a decision-maker, you can come out with the initiative and share the idea of organizing a sports competition with the HR department. The bottom-up activation of the contest works great. Our application is available in 5 different languages: Polish, English, German, French and Czech. If your company's employees speak any of these languages, organizing a challenge with Acitvy is possible! The challenge may include your company only as well as the entire office building.

Another possibility to participate in sports challenges are open games for the Activy community. Special local challenges or sponsored by well-known brands often appear in the app. You can then count on surprise prizes.

Activy - wellbeing program ready from A to Z

Activy is a program that you will receive ready from A to Z. You need one meeting where you present your idea or describe a need with our representative. How is it possible?

  1. You will use tested rules of the game based on our experience in creating sports challenges - no need to think about it!
  2. You will receive dedicated materials promoting the challenge to the participants. We will prepare them and all you have to do is send them to the participants.
  3. Full technical support: in the application, you can send an inquiry to the Activy team with one click - you do not have to answer participants' questions and doubts.
  4. Convert kilometers into money! If you want, you can combine activating teams with charity. Organize the right budget, and the formalities will be on our side.
  5. Do you need reports, statistics? No problem - you can download them with one click from the admin panel, or we will send them directly to your e-mail.

3, 2, 1… start!

With the Activy app, you can easily organize an international sports challenge. Activate your team this season and fill them with good energy! 

This solution has already been used by Coface, mBank in the Czech Republic, Differdange (a city in Luxembourg), Rothschild & Co, and many others. Do you want to know the details? Contact us via the form

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