Active cities - bike challenges for local communities


Gdańsk, Sopot, Radom and even Differedange in Luxembourg invited their citizens to the active game this year. Participants covered kilometers and gained points which they exchanged for prizes. The citizens joined individually and in teams. Schools, companies, families, citizens of particular districts and informal teams took part in the group ranking. Do you want to organize such a game in your city? Find out how it works!

Activy is not a typical sport application. It is an engaging game. More important than exact statistics is a motivational challenge for everyone. How do city bike games work? 

  • for a recorded ride you will get points in the game
  • you take part in individual, group and team rankings
  • you can check your individual statistics and compare them with others
  • you will get badges, levels and BikeCoin currency 
  • you can compare yourself with others but without showing your exact routes

The participants of the challenge download a free Activy app and join the bike challenge. They build a healthy habit of riding a bike through great fun! It’s the first game engaging all the bike riders. 

Active bike challenges in 2021

Gdańsk, Poland

The city hall in Gdańsk once again motivated its citizens to leave their cars at home and choose their bikes instead! 5790 bike riders took part in the action ‘Kręć kilometry dla Gdańska’, which took place from 13.09 to 12.11 and together they covered over 2 million kilometers! 

Sopot, Poland

Wkręć się w Sopot

They say that the third time’s the charm but definitely not in the case of the bike game in Sopot which was organized for the third year in a row. For the whole September and October almost 700 participants covered over 220 thousand kilometers! What a result! We are already planning the next edition and we hope that even more bike riders amateurs will take part in it! We will definitely have many cycling fans! 

In this edition the number of active firms was almost two times bigger than a year ago! Some participants even say that they won’t take part in the next edition as the game is so engaging that they can’t imagine one day without a bike ride during these two months. ;) The award ceremony was held at the official firefighters-bike parade and even the rain was not an obstacle for the participants to take part in this event! 

Radom, Poland

This year’s debiut! The game ‘Najlepiej rowerem’ was organized in Radom for the first time and was realized as the Citizen Budget project. This shows how engaged the cycling community is in this city! During the two months the game engaged almost 400 participants and they covered together over 73 thousand kilometers. The prizes in this challenge were sponsored by the local businesses, the whole action was really meaningful for Radom.

The game was supported by the local groups and organizations of cycling lovers who motivated the citizens with their own engagement. The challenge was promoted in local radio and even in schools and local businesses you could find colorful posters informing the action.

Differdange, Luksemburg

We started this year’s May holidays actively in Luxembourg! Due to the challenge “Déifferdeng beweegt sech" for the citizens of Differdange, the Activy app was translated to French. This city game was special not only because of the unique place in the new country but also because of the activities. In addition to cycling, the participants from the Luxembourg town could also choose walking or running. For the most active ones the city prepared interesting prizes and all those involved in the challenge supported a charity goal of 2000 Euros for local Paralympic athletes with their kilometers!

Do you want to organize an active game in your city?  Contact us, together we will create an interesting and engaging challenge! So, are you ready to start?


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